F&F Iron & Metal Company

514 Washington St • Norton, KS • 785-877-3830

F&F Recycling of Garden City

3710 W Jones • Garden City, KS • 620-277-0227

Roger's Disposal Service

514 Washington St • Norton, KS • 785-877-3650

What We DON’T Buy

Stolen Scrap

Radioactive scrap

Fuel or oil buckets, cans, or oil filters

Sealed units of any kind (shock absorbers, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders, ect.) They are acceptable with a large hole opening them up,releasing the pressure.

Compressed gas cylinders

Tractor components containing oil or grease


Any material containing CFC's (coolant or insulation)

Spent Freon charging tanks

Fluorescent or neon light fixtures

Capacitors, transformers, light ballast


Loose battery plates or separators

Smoke detectors

Industrial gauges or sensors

Nickel-cadmium batteries

Tanks with any liquid, sludge, or odor. Tanks must have (2) 3 foot x 3 foot holes cut into the tank ends

What We Buy



Whole Engines

Cast Iron




Aluminum Insulated Wire

Copper Insulated Wire

Electric Motors



Stainless Steel


Lead Acid Batteries

Zinc Die Cast

Tanks, properly prepared, see items We Do Not Buy, and High Temp Alloys

F&F Iron & Metal • 514 W. Washington St., Norton, KS 67654 • (785) 877-3830

F&F Recycling of Garden City • 3710 W. Jones, Garden City, KS 67846 • (620) 277-0227

Roger's Disposal Service • 514 W. Washington St., Norton, KS 67654 • (785) 877-3650